In business since 1963, Entreprises Larry offer various air solutions. With more than 100 employees in 3 locations in Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

  • sales contact
    Sales and Engineering Manager
    Karim Adada
  • service contact
    Aftermarket Sales Manager
    Claude Boyer
  • general information contact
    General Manager
    Martin Caron

Geographic Coverage

Province of Quebec in Canada

Our Locations

  • 925 rue Newton, Local 101 / Quebec / Quebec / G1P 4M2
    Phone : 418-681-5363
  • 3420 rue King Est / Sherbrooke / Quebec / J1G 5J3
    Phone : 819-347-1128
  • 4200 rue St-Patrick / Montreal / Quebec / J3E 2C1
    Phone : 514-767-5363


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