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Welcome to the AIRD Web site

The Association of Ingersoll-Rand Distributors (AIRD) was organized in 1970 to serve as a central resource for distributors of Ingersoll-Rand compressed air system equipment. AIRD is chartered to promote improved business conditions affecting distributors of air compressors, further a better understanding between distributors and equipment suppliers, research ways to lower costs of distributing air compressors, collect and disseminate statistical information, and conduct other activities deemed beneficial to member companies.

The organization has member distributors that have a total personnel roster of nearly 1,700 employees. On average, employees have more than 10 years experience in the compressed air industry, most service technicians hold multiple IR factory certifications and member distributors typically have in excess of 10 trucks on the road to serve customer needs.

AIRD member companies are spread throughout the United States and Canada. They communicate at regular regional and national meetings, as well as periodic special meetings to promote the successful integration of Ingersoll-Rand compressed air system products and services in the marketplace.

Any individual, corporation, partnership or other entity that distributes air compressors and has an Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor Group or Full-Service Type 30 Master Distributor Agreement is eligible for membership. For more information, email AIRD.